Texas Hold'em Poker RY

Texas Hold'em Poker RY 1.1.9

Free to play without sign-up!

Free to play without sign-up!

Easy time waster! Playing poker have fun.

It is an absolute texas holdem game for android & iOS devices. You can play it as a guest. Get $3000 free chips for new users, so when you download it you can play it. Register for extra $1500 free chips.

Touch “PLAY NOW” button, you will be sent to a random poker room according to how the chips you have. Touch and hold “PLAY NOW” button, you can choose poker room by yourself. There’re newbie, medium and advanced, sorted by the quantity of chips.


- Free to Play - Download now and register to get $4500 chips FREE!

- Daily Bonus - Get up to $3500 chips for free every day.

- Lucky bonus - Win up to $10M chips with lucky slot.

- Surprise box - Keep playing 5 minutes get $300 chips for free, 10 minutes get $500 chips, 20 minutes get $1000 chips, 30 minutes get $1500, 60 minutes get $2000, 120 minutes get $3000

- VIP: Interaction item 50% off; Max friends +200; Daily bonus*2; Luxuriant countdown effect; Extra 10% chips from purchase; Leaderboards rank over friends; Treasure box award*2; Royal portrait & Info background; More privileges coming


- Play as a guest - You don’t even have to register.

- Quick Start - Choose poker room quickly by keep pressing on green button on screen.

- Quick poker room - Those rooms marked “lightning”, waiting time 10 seconds per person during a round.

- Free to learn - Free training, learn how to play within 1 minutes.

- Chat with others by sending text and emotions

This is th first ever poker game run vertical interface on mobile. You are allowed to operate the game by single hand and enjoy the real mobile gameplay anywere at ay time.

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Texas Hold'em Poker RY


Texas Hold'em Poker RY 1.1.9

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